Who am I?


The Proof

How do I know
I’m the light?
Through the reflection
Of the light that
Illuminates your eyes
When you look at me.

How do you know
You’re the light?
Through the reflection
Of the light that
Illuminates my eyes
When I look at you.

Now we both know
We’re the light.

We both know
That we are ONE.

If you seek a simple proof;

“Let it be the light!”



A curious being. An explorer. A magician.

Who am I?

Vlad Korbel is a seasoned UX Design and Research Leader with over two decades of experience, applying design thinking and philosophy to devise impactful solutions for complex challenges across various industries.
He is a visionary in enhancing user experience, demonstrated through his leadership in top global innovation initiatives, and a profound contributor to the UX community as a lecturer, author, and founding member of UXPA. Vlad's diverse skills are further underscored by his role in enhancing electronic trading tools for Deutsche Börse and his entrepreneurial spirit through Korbel Media Ltd., focusing on the business value of user experience.
His publications, including "The Why How and What of Existence," highlight his philosophical exploration of existence and user experience, solidifying his position as a thought leader in the field.

My Book

In the 'Why, How, and What of Existence', Vlad opens up the possibility of direct communication with the Supreme Self, who, in a conversation, communicates to him the ultimate truths of existence. Through extreme curiosity and his strong will, he penetrates behind a veil where there is a hidden insight. The insight, guarded by a fear of death, is who we are in truth. Using basic logic, he attempts to explain what cannot be explained, blending it into a wheel symbol, which in his view best illustrates this fundamental principle of our existence.
The Why, How, and What of Existence (New Falcon Publications)

Key Achievements


Design Thinking Lectures
New York University, Prague

Lecturer | 2022

Industry Experts Spotlight
Stanford d.school


Speaker | 2021

SENSE Novartis Clinical Trial Controlling Centre


Design Leader | 2017-2022

Design Thinking Summit,


Speaker | 2019

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate


Awardee | 2019

The Wheel of Innovation

Article | 2018


I use Design Thinking

To find the right problem, ideate the best solution, see if it works, repeat.


Find the right problem in your organization through the 'beginner's mind', ethnography, observation and empathy with your employees or customers.


Ideate and co-create the best solution together with you in collaborative, diverse, creative and playful ways. On-line or in person is your choice.


Work with the best in class engineers to develop the software your employees or customers will love. Using agile strategies and methodologies.


How to find me?

Working globally for more than a decade.



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