Who am I?


A curious being. An explorer. A magician.

Who am I? (poem link)

Vlad is a Stanford-certified Innovator, Design Thinker, Philosopher and also a Designer!

Over the past more than fifteen years career, he worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, as well as for tiny start-ups. Last five years he's been pioneering Design Thinking at Novartis, one of the biggest pharma companies in the world.

He's truly passionate about what he does and loves applying empathy and the Beginner’s mindset, to find the right problem or an unmet need to focus on, as well as drive the creative process to come up with the best way of how to solve it.

His career’s highlight is the SENSE/BRIDGE Novartis Nasa-style controlling centre which serves as the "what good looks like" example for the company, inspiration for Novartis associates, external journalists as well as broader design community by introducing a metaphor to the core essence of the ultimate reality - compassion.

Vlad finds himself being a global citizen, worked, studied and lived long term in Prague, London, Istanbul, Quito and Basel and short term in NYC, Bay Area, Hyderabad, Mexico City, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Do you want to find out where the problem really is in your company and how you can solve it? Speak to Vlad. He will find out.

Key Accomplishments


Industry Experts Spotlight
Stanford d.school


Speaker | 2021

SENSE Novartis Clinical Trial Controlling Centre


Designer | 2018

Design Thinking Summit,


Speaker | 2019

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate


Awardee | 2019




The Power of Imagination

Linkedin | 2020

The Message

Linkedin | 2020

The Wheel of Innovation

Medium | 2018


I use Design Thinking

To find the right problem, ideate the best solution, see if it works, repeat.


Find the right problem in your organization through the 'beginner's mind', ethnography, observation and empathy with your employees or customers.


Ideate and co-create the best solution together with you in collaborative, diverse, creative and playful ways. On-line or in person is your choice.


Work with the best in class engineers to develop the software your employees or customers will love. Using agile strategies and methodologies.


Case studies

Three examples from the last three years demonstrating how Design Thinking has been used.


SENSE BRIDGE Novartis Clinical Trials Controlling Centre

UX Lead | 2017-2021

MOBI - Novartis Chatbot

DT Lead | 2018-2019

TRD Digital Labs

DT Lead | 2018



A few older gigs prior 2016.


CEZ On-line

Mobile touch point user experience

Energy and utility | 2014

VZP - General Insurance Company

Customer portal touch point

Public health insurance | 2015

Infor Motion Road Warrior

Mobile CRM product design

ERP Software | 2012-13


How to find me?

Working globally for more than a decade.



+420 778772020